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John Egan Jones, LCSW

I have been helping people for more than 25 years. 

As a therapist, I strive to help people make new discoveries about themselves and what helps them overcome the obstacles they face. My clients trust me to guide them on their journey to achieve the goals they set for themselves. As someone who understands the transformative power of therapy, I’m passionate about learning, listening, and bringing balance and wellness to the lives of my clients. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and if you or someone you love is going through a difficult time of divorce, depression, anxiety, or other life challenges.

I believe I can relate to and understand many of the troubles you are going through.

My parents divorced in 1971 when I was 9. I watched my father remarry twice and I have 4 half-brothers. My father passed in 1994. I have had many father/son issues to work through over the years. My mother passed away in 2015. Fortunately, the last words I said to both was, "I love you."  As mom's only child, I had to take care of her more and more the last few years. My mother never remarried. I had to deal with guilt about whether I was a good enough son for her.

I have been overweight and fighting that battle practically all my life. I struggled at times with my relationship with God. I have had struggles with addiction. Dealing with anger appropriately has been an issue for me like many men. My parents were together for 10 years. My first marriage ended after 10 years. My second marriage has been a blessing. Read more about that HERE  

I have a 16 yr old son and a 24 year old son ever since I married his beautiful mother when he was 6.


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